Memphis genesis found its roots throught the experimatal approach to the industral design of Ettore Sottsass and Michele de Lucchi during the 70 after the experience developed with Studio Alchimia and the contemporary connections to the radical design concepts of industrial design.
The birth of the group starded by one informal meeting had at Sottsass house the 11 of december 1980 in which a bunch of people had to discuss about the new forms of design expressions.
The meeting was held togheter with Michele de Lucchi, Aldo Cibic, Matteo Thun,Marco Zanini and Martine Bedin. All togheter they decided to create a group workin on the reaction to the 70 design style that was considered too minimalistic.
The name of the group was inspired by the Bob Dylan song, Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, that was played many times in that evening.
That record was not workin well and the song was stopping at the lyric “with Memphis Blues again. Memphis was both the city where Elvis Presley was born but also the Aegypt ancient town of Memphis, and for this reason they decide to choose a name to connect the pop and the classical culture.

For that incredible group we had the pleasure to have built some fantastic iconic design pieces of art.



HYATT designed by Ettore Sottsass
MIMOSA designed by Ettore Sottsass


FREEMONT designed by Ettore Sottsass
AMAZON designed by Marco Zanini
SOPHIA designed by Aldo Cibic
IVORY designed by Ettore Sottsass
BURGUNDY designed by Michele DeLucchi
MAMOUNIA designed by George Sowden


CONSOLLE designed by James Irvine
CLASSIFICATORE designed by Shuji Isada
BUENOS AIRES designed by Aldo Cibic e Cesare Ongaro


BERTRAND designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini