Italian S.P.A.N.

Raffaello turbo ship has been, together with Michelangelo, the last transatlantic ship built by Italia Navigazione.
She has been in service only for ten years, from 1965 and 1975, because of the non economic value of the trans Atlantic shipping compared to the flight services. She has been sold to the Iranian government to be utilized as housing to the high official military iranian forces that were involved in the construction of the military port of Busheir. She sunk in November 1982 after the hit of an Iraqi missile.
Raffaello was long 275,8 meters with a width of 31 meters having 45.933 GRT, 22 tons more than the sister ship. Having a cruising speed of 26,5 knots she could go from Gibralta to New York in only five days giving a pleasant stay on board to 1.775 passengers divided in three different classes.
The construction divided among 13 decks has been projected by Ansaldo and contemporarily realized by Ansaldo Genova Sestri and CRDA Trieste Shipyards .



Cantieri Riuniti dell'Adriatico (CRDA)





Project by

Alessandro Psacaropulo